All I wanna do… *pop*pop*pop*pop*… and take your money

Ok…. this really IS A BEAUTIFUL MESS!

I’m just really happy to say that we are gonna go to the NLCS

maybe we will face the Red Sox

and IF we Leave we’re gonna go out with CALI STYLE!





Go Dodgers… A little tribute I found on YouTube.

MIA “paper Planes” (the dodgers clubhouse song)

♥ Giovanna


 Ethier Jr.
I wanted to congratulate Andre Ethier and his wife on their baby. I’m sure it’s really cute.

Now I’m talking baseball.
The Dodgers are now only 3 games in front of the Diamondbacks. I just hope that they don’t end up like the Mets. Whenever I get all excited for the Dodgers and the Post season there is always that ONE team that I’ll pick to win it all.
Now I’m hoping this year is OUR YEAR
Although I am proud of former LONG BEACH STATE  DirtBag Evan Longoria, It is a total surprise and a Cinderella Story for anybody to think that the RAYS would even be in this race.
But… the Angels are in the postseason … no surprise there. The only thing standing in their way is  the rays.

Being a teenager I try to keep up on all of the teen stars… and I read that NICK JONAS had his sweet sixteen birthday at Dodgers Stadium … he rented it out. to play baseball with his family & friends. I always knew he was a good kid :)

I got bored a couple of days ago… so I made a video about our los angeles dodgers.

The Song is called “one” by Simple Plan …
montage of pictures… I hope you enjoy it.


Do I hear “SWEEP?” and the bell ringing? 9/4/08

    Those big doors opened yesterday and I could feel the summer closing ( something Broxton has trouble with sometimes.) There I saw classmates, people I wanted to see, others I didn’t want to see, new teachers and new faces. During the morning I saw the faces of scared-to-death sixth graders with their HUGE backpacks, even though they were all so scared, it was still so cute.
    Meanwhile I was thinking all through lunch and PE about our Dodgers and their BEAUTIFUL MESS that they are in. I thought ” Man, do I smell SWEEP???”  sure enough, later that night, while I had my PJs on and I was lying in bed listening to charlie and rick I heard it. “THE DODGERS SWEEP THE PADRES!”

Sooo… Blake DeWitt hit ANOTHER homerun for us and then ANGEL BERRORA??????????? where did his power come from? Although pitching kinda sorta lost some runs, It was still a great game.

click here to see Blake’s 1st Homer of career
here Angel’s Homer
they both have similar celebrations :)

HERE WE ARE 9/2/08

Jason Mraz… a man of many words, (also one of my favorite artists in case you wanted to know) made me think about something that I’ve had on my mind for the past 2 years.

“What a beautiful mess this is/ It’s like we’re picking up trash in dresses HERE WE ARE

That probably kicks the YOUTH MOVEMENT in one little phrase.

Let’s see… 2006: Andre Ethier, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley and James Loney all came up and made an impact. We Won the Division…sorta.. and we went to the playoffs losing in the first round to the New York Metropolitans

2007: A draft prospect by the name of Andy LaRoche got his taste in the Majors, Chin Lung Hu in September, And a great guy Delwyn Young took Barry Zito waaaaayyyy up in the left field stands.

HERE WE ARE… 2008: Blake DeWitt (the homie) comes up while Andy LaRoche and Nomar are injured, and makes a huge impact (and puts a smile on my face). Then, the outfield problem. Dre16, JuanP9, TheBison27, and SlumpJones25… andd….DY3 all need to do something. Dre is fighting for a spot in the LineUp Juan can’t throw, and I don’t even need to mention Jones. Matt has matured from his at-bats to doing better on the basepaths.and  I wish Delwyn would be able to play from time to time. He’s a very good switch hitter and when he gets better, hopefully he will make a cameo appearance in the Grass OR at 2nd. Now here’s ManRam, a steal, a self-esteem booster, and a HOMIE. We send Andy to play with his Bro Adam in Pittsburgh, and the Sox get Jason Bay… which goes to show us that both teams are still in 2nd place in both divisions.

So… what if Mr A-z was right, this is a beautiful mess , here we are, we will just have to be patient.

How About that win last night? I was there… on the field level with me eye level to Blake DeWitt AND Russell Martin *sigh* ;]

Here’s Jason’s Song in case you wanted to hear it.

off of the album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.


It’s a little Lovey Dovey… but.. just listen if you wanna



I found out why I LOVE Delwyn Young so much some of his answers in this chat are hilarious and he sticks up for Andruw Jones.

and here IT is

This is from July 29th when We had an LONG earthquake here in SoCal that day.

I love The GirlFriend Question. hahahahahaha :] DY is AWESOME

Greg Maddux Chatted about 15 minutes ago. I couldn’t get in the chat room. ;(

For Now, Giovanna ♥


Introducing… a winning team with a crazy lineup..
We defeated the Dbacks 6-2 FINALLY!
thank you dodger gods!! NOW LET’S MOVE AHEAD!!

this … by the way.. is my theme song for our team and my blog…

“KIDS” by MGMT ///


why does this always happen?

If anybody has an answer to my question please feel free to answer…

Why is it that the Dodgers get you so HYPED up for the season… and play AVERAGE baseball??

does anybody know…

Now that school starts in a matter of days here in LB the Dodgers better make me a happy kid.

I went on the Dodgers Tour on Thursday… WOW… I got to go in the dugout and walk PAST the Locker room. I even had a sighting of one of our backup catchers Gary Bennett.
    I will have the pictures up later… :)

Other than that… one thing made me happy this week… My fave….
                                            BLAKE DeWITT IS BACK!!!

When he came into the game on Friday (Last Night) I was sooooo excited… an RBI
and playing SECOND BASE???!!!???!!???
Well… that Ozuna thing didn’t really work out… soooo Filling in for Kent  would be  OKay… i guess…
maybe he’ll make a cameo appearance at 3rd before the season is up… and if he puts up the right numbers… NL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR ., ANYONE??

Video for My excitement  BLAKE IS BACKKK HOMIEEE!!!!! :]


!!!!!!!!!!MANNY IS HERE!!!!!!!! … and so am I the first post



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